20 Best Cryptocurrencies in 2020

Cryptocurrencies in 2020

The year 2020 is very different than everyone expected due to . The entire economy collapsed and no sector – be it healthcare, marketing or finance – was affected by the effects of the falling epidemic.
As a result, many people lose their jobs and end up in financial trouble. Because for decades our economy has been driven by a deceptively weak economy. Some may not be able to survive not only during the epidemic but at the best of times.


For many, the economy makes them wonder why they are judged. How is it possible for banks to print an unlimited amount of money that has historically been shown to reduce inflation? Especially in times of crisis people are looking for other ways to preserve and protect their wealth. Therefore, people are quietly leaning towards cryptocurrencies.

In that note – let’s take a look at cryptocurrencies in Canada. Top 20 will come true by 2020:


Bitcoin was the first (and most popular) cryptocurrency ever discovered. It is actually a digital currency and was developed in 2009 by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto – a mystery that remains today. Bitcoin is used in peer-to-peer networks (meaning you can send and receive bitcoins without going through the bank). Allows you to make transactions faster, more reliable, and secure.

Eventually, Bitcoin will pave the way for all other currencies, commonly known as other currencies (or Altcoins for short). Many new investors have heard of Bitcoin – in fact, it is similar to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Only 21 million bitcoins will be distributed. This deficit will help protect bitcoin from high inflation, while the Canadian dollar will remain unlimited. Coins are always needed and you can easily sell them when you think it is the right time to redeem them.

People often do not know where to start investing in Bitcoin. For example, if we want to buy Bitcoin, they ask, “What is the best cryptocurrency exchange in Toronto?” Instead of thinking “How do I buy bitcoin in Canada”? Because most new investors are unaware that you can buy cryptocurrencies through trading – it is an online platform to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Looking at the cryptocurrency exchange in Vancouver, they will soon see that the most sensible way to get started in crypto despite all the options is to buy bitcoin.


Bitcoin Batman, however, Ethereum Robin. Ether is a cryptocurrency, while Ethereum is a blockchain that allows ether to be traded. But many people exchange these two words for each other. Ether is almost as popular as bitcoin, but it offers many features, such as smart (complex) deals that can be obtained after certain needs have been met. It can change the way digital businesses and transactions work.

The number of Ethereum based companies is growing among large and medium-sized companies..That’s why we keep looking to adopt Ethereum to meet trading challenges.

XRP cryptocurrency is commonly known as Ripple, actually XRP. Ripple Labs is the name of the company that created the coin, XRP is the actual cryptocurrency. But truth be told, waves are much easier to miss than XRP.

Unlike Bitcoin, every 100 billion XRP that is created already exists to survive in the economy. Over the next few years, 1 billion XRP per month will be available, potentially increasing the circulation supply in the coming years.

Ripple, unlike Bitcoin, aims to be a fast, secure and reliable business solution for banks and major financial institutions. Ordinary investors like you and me are not the target audience. With high levels of security and relationships with many major banks such as BBVA, Ripple should look to the near future.

Building a rope

Tether is a good brand, because the name explains its unique purpose: to close the gap between the two of you as cryptocurrency and Fiat as Tether.

Tether has the same value as USD, making it more predictable and manageable for businesses, clearly providing the same level of security as Bitcoin built on the same technology.


There is very little difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin in terms of technology and usage.

Litecoin is very fast, so trading times are very fast, which is very convenient for very simple trading. Crypto trading is very common in crypto trading in Canada and is an important factor for its future growth.

Bitcoin currency

Bitcoin is the undisputed leader in almost every cryptocurrency site in Canada and around the world, but the long-term processing of the work required in trading means that it is not ideal as a liquid currency.

This is where bitcoin money comes in. As its blockchain technology has been evaluated, it can reduce processing time and transaction costs, making it more suitable for commercial transactions.


Like the USD coins Tether and DAI, QCAD is a CAD pegged stable coin.

Simply put, it is designed to use 1: 1 CAD support, meaning that its creator company, Stablecorp, maintains a 1 CAD balance in 1 QCAD distributed cryptocurrency. It could be a plan to digitize the traditional Canadian dollar into cryptocurrencies.


Zcash is one of the changes in cryptocurrency trading. It has the most advanced security technologies, but unlike Bitcoin, it is not limited to 21 million coins.