8 Amazing Gadgets You Really Must Have

8 Amazing Gadgets

The economic downturn promotes a new level of creativity to emerge from the circle of talented entrepreneurs, leading to profitable financial times and the development of businesses. It is part of the natural cycle. The rise of automation and technology in the world today has freed us from the shackles of all the efforts we make in basic life. We have time to expand our mental boundaries and market profits, which have been abandoned more than ever.

As technology continues to jump the quantum frontier, it offers us gadgets and toys that improve our quality of life and provide greater amounts of entertainment. Here are some interesting gadgets (some not yet on the market) that you might want to check out when you know they are …

Electronic grocery tags

The latest shopping gadget that can speed up the time you spend at the grocery payment counter in the grocery store. It is a diagnostic marker for glove radio developed by researchers at Sanchiyan National University in South Korea and Rice University in Houston.

The tag contains semiconductor ink containing carbon nanotubes for printing electronics on plastic and paper that emit radio waves. The frequency detector quickly detects everything in your cart at the exit, so you can travel with your cart in seconds, especially if you need to carry your “green” canvas shopping bag and pack your belongings in your car.

Wanted. Remember to do this with the same technology currently used with passports, which allows passengers to pass quickly through airport security checkpoints. If you do not like the idea of ​​delivering your food in your bedroom, you can block the radio waves by covering the tag with aluminum foil.

Bright led cake tray

Have you ever bothered to bake a three-layer chocolate cake for your dinner guests, but it was completely ruined when you tried to cut it into the right amount? This Baker gadget is your savior. A 12-inch cake tray with LED lights to show you where to make the icing.

After pressing the power button, it gives you a choice of 2 to 12 pieces. (FYI – do the math; the lucky ones who use the 2-slice option will get a 6-inch cake.) This amazing tray contains a spinning element that guides your hand as you roll in the ice cream. Will help. For those of you who do not want to sing loudly in public, it will play a nice song called “Happy Birthday”. The cake tray sells for about US $ 40 on Amazon.

School of fish

Pet lovers understand the humiliation that happens when someone accuses themselves of being a  goldfish. Now you can prove them wrong and silence them forever. Fish School is a gadget that teaches you how to do amazing tricks for goldfish, guppies, and other small species.

Depending on the trial method and the prize, you will soon find your fish swimming in hops, playing soccer and eating out of your reach. Comes with a DVD of excellent instructions and detailed written instructions. You can imagine it was available for 24.99 on “antoneofthose.com”.

Comfortable solar panels

Agree – you do not care about extra exercise and fresh air, but the thought of being out for a long time without paying on your cell phone or laptop touches your mind stronger than those extra pounds. You are the ones who have to lose.

There is a solution! Flexible or flexible solar panels are designed for people who love to stroll in the open water, backpack, fish or boat, but cannot live without their portable electrical equipment. The panels can be folded or folded into a rigid, neat pack and easily thrown in a bag or backpack.

They are designed for zigzag use and come with a long extension card and attachment to easily charge the 12V battery. This is enough to power your electronics and laptop. “Flcells” sells anywhere from $ 80 to $ 3,000 US via eBay and Amazon.

Heineken Boto

While this is not the place for those who work in wine, Heineken Boat Bar appeals to sponsors, even if they do not drink Heineken. Designed by super techies from Middlesex University, the robot spins on high-powered wheels to help those in need.

He gave the manager a full cup of tea with his hand on his head. The sonar sensor in the droid tells the client what the device is. It is not currently sold to individual buyers, but you can contact the Heineken distributor if you own the property.

Touch screen

Touch screen computer enthusiasts will be happy to learn that research has taken the concept of “touch” to a whole new level. Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft’s Redmond Research Lab are involved in a prototype program called “SkinPut” that uses your skin as a screen and input device.

The small-sized pico projector embedded in the armband (used in portable devices) projects images into the user’s hand or arm. When the user clicks on the image, the device detects which icon has been touched and activates it. Basically, your own body becomes the screen of your computer. The technology is still in its infancy.

Ultimate Lounge Chair

The ability to relax after a long, hard day in the workplace attracts the attention of entrepreneurs as part of a growing basket of available income. Hummer Schlemmer did a great job. This vibroacoustic relaxation makes Langer invincible, even if you feel like it.

It sends low-frequency sonic vibrations to the mattress of the lounge chair to calm the mind and body. It comes with headphones that play cool music with any music you like on a CD or MP3 player. A soft foam cushion wraps around your body with absolute comfort. For sale for just under $ 2,