Best Gaming Laptop Review on Sony VAIO E Series

The Sony VAIO E Series 

is one of the most recently released laptops, last launched on 13 June 2012. It is a specially designed mobile computer that is designed for extreme home entertainment and is one of the top DJ headphones. Increase the pleasure of its use.


This laptop is primarily designed to provide maximum entertainment by listening to high-quality music at home and watching high-definition movies, this review will be done to assess whether this laptop is gaming-ready. Yes or no. Yes or no Remember that launching a new generation of games requires more system specifications than just watching movies and listening to music.

In this case, speed is an important factor, especially when playing action-packed games such as Modern Warfare 3. When it comes to speed, the Sony VAIO E Series Boom Diesel is powered by a fully powered Intel Core i5 2.5GHz processor. , Which is next to the top-of-the-line Core i7.

It is already a great platform that has the power to launch various applications at high speeds. However, 8GB of DRAM RAM makes the space even more powerful. This is far more than the RAM required for the most in-demand games on the market today and for games starting in the next few months.

The tandem of the Intel Core i5 with 8GB of DRAM RAM memory is always enough to guarantee that this laptop is really ready for heavy gaming. Even more interesting is that the RAM can be upgraded to 16GB.

But it lags behind the pace, which is an aspect of gameplay. The second factor is video card quality. This feature greatly affects the quality of the graphics, which is important for watching movies and playing games.

No matter how good the game is, your gaming entertainment will not be fully optimized if your laptop fails to deliver the full potential of the game in its maximum graphics presentation. To enjoy optimal game quality in terms of graphics, make sure the video card meets the required system specifications.

Traditional games usually require at least a 512 MB video card. With this video card, you can easily play Scrabble, Chess, and other standard games. But if your favorite games are of the new generation type, if the system requirements are relatively in demand, go for laptops with state-of-the-art video cards.

The Sony VAIO E Series SVE14A1HFXBC laptop is paired

with the Intel HD Graphics 4000, which provides a comprehensive solution for graphics. It is capable of running demanding games that require DirectX11. RAM memory is integrated with 8GB of DDR RAM, which provides ample graphics space for maximum performance during games.

Other important features of this model from Sony VAIO are as follows:

G-Sensor Shock Protection Technology

  • Impressive compact sound system based on Dolby Home Theater v4 technology backlit keyboard is more effective for gaming at night
    750GB hard disk memory
    Licensed 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium
    Maximum 6 hours battery life in normal use
    It’s already a good deal to combine all of the above features into one laptop for just $ 900; And you can be sure that the Sony VAIO E Series SVE14A1HFXBC is actually one of the best gaming laptops out there today.

If you are an avid fan of Sony laptops, this guide is definitely meant to be of some help (though, if you are stuck with Sony, you know all about their laptops!) You know about the different VAIO models; We hope this helps you in purchasing a laptop that best suits your character, your needs and your pocket.

A Buyer’s Guide to Sony VAIO Laptops: Series A and B

First, you need to know a few things about Sony’s involvement in the laptop world. Sony is recognized as one of the best electronics manufacturers worldwide. Although Sony is considered ‘new’ to the laptop world, they are one of the major players in the game these days. The VAIO laptop series provided by Sony has been a huge success since its lunch debut and Sony quickly won a large chunk over sales.

VAIO laptops are divided into separate categories;

Each category includes laptops with a specific feature. Without wasting time, let’s look at categories A and B.
Starting with the VAIO A-Series, we will find laptops with Centrino processors and thereby expanding the wireless capabilities. Those laptops are usually not the ones you want to go too far. They are very heavy and very large. A-series laptops are mostly designed as desktops.

replacements, but you can always keep them with you if you want. The processing power of the A-Series is enough to replace most desktops and you can always enjoy your multimedia with a 17 “screen. If you know you’re not moving much with your laptop, this is one of your best options.

‘B’ for VAIO B-Series simply means business; This is probably true. Those small, portable 14 “laptops are your best coworkers on the go; they are very portable and weigh a lot less than the laptops you used to have. Equipped with a Centrino processor, it makes things even easier for you.