Tech Marketing: What Technology Buyers Really Want to Know

What Technology Buyers Really Want to Know

“Tell me what I bought!” Technology is lethal to customers who suffer from high congestion and inexperienced marketing material. Whether it’s direct e-mail, brochures, web resources, or emails, your copy can have a profound effect on answering genuine customer questions.

Product to buy

Answer the following questions to provide your customers with the information and assurance needed to make a purchase decision.

What is it? Consumers will not believe that you have “solutions”, which is the preferred marketing term for technology companies today. Instead, consumers know that your company is selling hardware, software, and/or services – because the type of product influences the purchase decision. In all aspects of copying, identify the product by name and type so that the reader can clearly understand what is being sold.

How does this help me? Clearly and concisely state the benefits of the product; Connect them directly to the problem, needs, or environment. Describe potential applications, configurations, or useful options that can help a trusted person understand product value.

How hard is it to read? You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Describe product features that support customer learning, such as support features, training videos, or product design.

Is it enough for what I have? Many technology users already have a great hardware base or software to work with your product. List related products or forums and describe their level of compatibility or integration with your product.

What if it doesn’t work? Specify the product warranty or guarantee as to your 30-day money-back guarantee. Also provide customer service information and support services, including the availability of volunteer online tools.

Should I buy more? Very few technical products operate independently. Specify all product performance requirements, including small and optimal configurations if applicable. With content aimed at promoting direct marketing, this information will increase a person’s confidence that you have made the right buying decision.

How much does it cost? If applicable, clearly and fully state the terms of the product price and any options and other offers (such as expiration dates). Make sure all copies of the Pricing and Purchasing Terms are by applicable trade laws and marketing industry guidelines.

Where can I buy or get more information? Indicate that the product is only available from the manufacturer or distributors, retailers, or retail stores. Enter a shopping list or provide a phone number and web URL where those with opportunities can place orders or access merchant information and seller information.

Product development

Improving customers – whether your customers or customers of the competing products you are trying to change – have the same concerns for new customers. However, the following questions should also be answered that is different for your content development.

Why should I change? Consumers of competing products are asking this question – but so are your customers. Is it shocking? Note that customers “improve fatigue” because they have not yet read or installed the final version of your product. To encourage increased purchases, the feature/benefit statement must be present and the main purpose must be clearly and concisely stated.

Will it replace what I already have? A potential concern with this question is whether the upgrade will save existing files, configurations, applications, or other tasks. Describe current product development and customer experience and position and how training and work processes are transferred to the new version.

Are you changing anything else? Suggest that an upgrade means a change in the new customer support program or any other aspect of your company-user relationship.

What should I order? List all items or information (e.g., product registration number) that the customer must collect before ordering an upgrade.

Many other customer inquiries may apply to your product or market. Identify these shopping concerns, answer your copy and you will write the best content to market technical products.

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